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Magazin Chemie Plus – Press Report (in German)
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Valorec covers the entire process from analysis, logistics, treatment and the safe, environmentally-sound disposal of waste.
We advise our customers in technical and legal matters and develop customised industrial and special waste concepts.
In our high-temperature incinerator, we incinerate solid, pasty, liquid and gaseous special waste. The recovered steam and hot water are used in industrial systems and to heat a shopping centre and hotel complex.
Verwertung & Entsorgung

Martin Droste, Operations Manager, Special Waste Incineration Plant

"In our high-temperature incinerator, we incinerate special waste at a temperature of 1,100 to 1,200 °C in a rotary kiln. The resulting flue gases are then passed into a boiler in which high-pressure steam is produced. Most of the steam is fed into a counter-pressure steam turbine, which produces approximately 900 KW of electric power.”